Don't Let Fire Shut The Doors On Your New Business


Building a business from the ground up is hard work and can take a lot of money, time and perseverance. You may have spent many long hours working to get your business where it is today. Maybe you also lost a lot of time with family and friends while working on building your business. For the dedicated business owner, making sacrifices is one of the hardest parts of the job. However, in the event there is a fire at your business, nothing could be worse than standing and watching all your work and dedication go up in smoke.

Annual Fire Inspection: An Important Step For Fire Safety

If you are like many other business owners, dreading the fire inspector's visit is common. You might wonder what parts of your building may not be up to par with the law. However, instead of being worried about what you might find during an inspection, consider the information you could learn from the inspector. If you are due for your first fire inspection at your new business, think about all the questions and concerns the inspector can help you answer. You can find out how to ensure the safest working conditions for your employees. If you have customers visiting you daily, consider your fire inspection as the first step to making sure your establishment is safe for them.

Protecting The Future Of Your New Business

When you stop to consider your future, knowing your workplace has the highest chances of being around for a long time is a good feeling. If you have one fire hazard, even a small one, you are risking your business to total loss. If your building burns down, think about how long your production will be down. If production of your products remains down too long, you will have to close down as your profits go in a negative direction. Walking through your workplace with a fire inspector can be helpful for learning how you can make improvements towards greater fire safety.

Protecting The Resale Value Of Your Building

When the time comes for you to move your business into a larger building, you may need to sell the one you are in now. Maintaining a building so it will have greater value when you sell it means ensuring it is free of fire hazards. You can take steps to maintain a fire safe workplace between fire inspections that will help to also preserve your property's value:

  • Make annual checks of fire extinguishers to be sure they are working correctly.
  • Test all the smoke alarms in your workplace and replace their batteries if necessary.
  • Repair any types of electrical issues as soon as possible.

Taking the time to protect your workplace from fire is the same as protecting your money from it. Learning all you can about the ways to provide the most protection for your business is one way to keep it profitable for longer.


20 April 2015

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