Tips For Keeping Your Home Secure During Your Summer Vacation


Planning on taking your family on a well-deserved vacation this coming summer? Don't let the anticipation of the holiday blind you to the risks of leaving your home unsecured. With burglary on the rise, it pays to take sufficient measures to protect your home and property before you leave.

A little vigilance is all you need to keep everything safe back home, saving you from obsessing over what could go wrong while you should be having a good time in the sun. Here is a look at several ways to enhance your home security while on your summer holiday.

Install a home security system

Alarm systems from places like Security By Private Eyes enhances your home security by deterring intruders, and alerting authorities of any attempted break-in. Within minutes of an intrusion alarm signals will go on, alerting the burglars that they have been exposed, while also sending authorities to your home within minutes. Sometimes, the sight of cameras and signs advertising the presence of round-the- clock surveillance is enough to deter most burglars from intruding, so an alarm system and security cameras are must-have security devices for anyone planning to go on vacation.

Motion activated outdoor flood lights are also a great add-on to your home security system that can send would-be burglar scattering as soon as they set foot inside your home perimeter. These eternal security lights have motion sensors that trigger outdoor flood lights to come on in case of an intrusion, deterring burglars from attempting to break into your empty house at night.

Try to make the house look occupied

When you are away on vacation, lack of activity in your residence will definitely alert burglars that no one is home. You can create an illusion that the home is still occupied by installing an automatic time switch that turns the lights on for a few hours each night.

A house-sitter that occasionally comes in to empty the garbage, trim the hedges, clean up and pick up the mail could also help create the illusion that everything is proceeding normally. A stack of mail or newspapers at your doorstep is a cliché for an uninhabited house, so be sure to cancel newspaper and mail deliveries until you return.

Locking up may seem obvious, but is also as effective as installing an alarm system or motion detectors. Install deadbolts on all your exterior your doors, lock the windows and install burglar-resistant glass on windows to complement the other security measures discussed above, and you should find everything intact after your summer vacation.


21 April 2015

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