3 Simple Ways To Make Your Home More Secure


Before you hit the road for a well-deserved vacation this summer, give some thought about how you can protect your home while you're away. Having a home security system installed by a reputable company is the first step in home defense, but you can make a number of other changes to your house and property to send a clear message that you won't allow yourself to be a victim. Many of the changes you can make are inexpensive and easy to accomplish in a short amount of time. Here are three to consider.

Make Gardening Changes

You don't have to have a green thumb to make some gardening and landscaping changes that can improve your home's security. One useful approach is to plant rose bushes in front of your basement windows and below your ground-floor windows; the prickliness of these plants can deter would-be thieves who might wish to enter your home through a window. Throughout your property, clear any overgrown areas that could serve as a shadowy hiding spot for someone observing the house. A well-manicured yard allows passersby to see if anyone is prowling around your home.

Install Lights And Motion Detectors

Although a home security company can perform this job for you, it's possible to do yourself if you're handy. Having motion-activated lights around your home in locations such as the front of your garage, over your front door and around your back deck mean that anyone who approaches the home in the dark will activate the light. A thief who might be checking out your home in the day should be able to notice these lights, and they might act as a deterrent even when they're not lit up.

Collaborate With Neighbors

Striking up a partnership with one or more neighbors is an effective way to keep your home safe while you're away. Think of the people you trust in the neighborhood and explain that you're going on vacation and that you'd like the person to keep an eye on your property. It's natural to reciprocate playing the same role when the neighbor is away, so be prepared for him or her to ask you. Request that the neighbor not only picks up your mail on a daily basis, but also takes a walk around your home every day to ensure everything is secure. If the neighbor has an extra vehicle, having him or her park in your driveway can give the impression that someone is home.


23 July 2015

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