Four Ways Fire Alarm Servicing Can Do More For Your Business Than Ensure Safety


If you are a commercial property owner, do not overlook the important of having fire alarm maintenance services performed. In the midst of performing various other duties to keep your business operating, you may unintentionally overlook this type of inspection. In addition to safety, getting your fire alarms routinely maintained (by companies like Tri Communications Security Services Inc) has a number of other benefits. 


Your state and local government likely have laws in place to ensure safe business operations. Inspections can aid in ensuring that you are compliant with those laws. Fire and building inspectors, and security monitoring companies are good resources to use to determine what the laws are in your jurisdiction.


Property owners who do not have their fire alarms inspected are putting themselves at risk for being sued if a fire did occur. For example, if a fire alarm did not activate to warn building inhabitants of a fire, the people who escape with their lives could file punitive damages for loss of property or injuries. If a death occurred, you could face criminal charges as well as a civil lawsuit for wrongful death. The investigations that would likely follow this type of tragedy could result in your business going out of business.


Being able to provide proof to your property insurance company of routine fire alarm inspections could result in discounts on your premiums. This is possible because your insurance company is likely to see your commercial property as having a reduced chance of deadly or total property loss circumstances occurring. 

If you do not qualify for a discount based on having inspections performed, you still should not overlook the bigger picture. For example, if you decide to forego fire alarm inspections because you do not see a reason to have them, your insurance could refuse to compensate you for damages if a fire did occur. They will want proof, and the best way to ensure that you have unbiased proof is to hire a third-party company to perform your inspections rather than performing them in-house. 


You may have never considered a fire alarm that has not been properly inspected as a potential production issue. Faulty alarms may emit beeping noises at odd intervals. This can affect the concentration of employees. 

Alarms that need servicing could also affect the productivity of nearby businesses if they are high-pitched enough.These businesses could report your business which could result in you getting fined. If your unserviced alarms result in your local fire department showing up several times for false alarms, you could also be fined as a result of affecting the productivity of the fire department and violating fire alarm inspection laws. 


31 August 2015

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