Tips To Cut Down On Retail Theft


Cutting down on shoplifting and theft is a necessary component of any retail establishment. Choosing the most effective methods depends on your shop, but for smaller shops it can be difficult since you may not be able to budget for a full loss prevention team. The following can help you cut down on theft even if you have a smaller budget.

Tip #1: Remove the blind spots

Arrange the displays and aisles in the store to cut down on blind spots. Begin by lowering displays near the registers so they don't block the cashier from view. If you have a single register area, place it in the center front of the store. This way you can arrange the aisles so they radiate out from the register stand, yet the register still provides a minor barrier between the rest of the store and the exit. As for the few blind spots that will exist on the periphery, position security mirrors or cameras on these locations so they can still be monitored by employees.

Tip #2: Be consistent in security tagging

Security tags, whether they set off an alarm or contain a die pack, only work if every item is tagged. Missing even a single item can result in the theft of that item, which can be a major concern if it happens often with high value products. Set up a process for tagging new merchandise as soon as it comes in, before it hits the floor. It is well worth it to dedicate a single employee only to the task of tagging for a few hours each week, as the additional pay will likely be less than the potential losses from theft. As an added precaution, install countertop mounted tag release keys. This way a thief can't try to steal a key left unattended.

Tip #3: Invest in a monitoring system

Today's commercial security systems can save you the expense of hiring your own loss prevention workers. Look for a security company that provides monitored video surveillance around the clock. Many business owners opt for monitored services after closing time, but by choosing 24 hour surveillance you can have the staff and police notified of any shoplifting that is occurring. This will also allow you to catch any employee theft, which can also be a concern in some retail establishments.

For more help in improving your security and preventing theft, contact a commercial security provider such as A Tech / Easy Living Store.


31 October 2016

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