Need Replacement Keys? 3 Ways To Upgrade Your New Set


Losing a set of keys can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you use your keys for work. However, before you start ordering replacements, it is important to think about how to make your keys stand out, so losing them is less of a possibility. Here are three ways to upgrade your new set of keys. 

Shop Decorative Key Blanks

Since most of the keys on the market are silver or gold, it isn't always easy to determine which keys go to which doors. Additionally, if your keys become lost, they may look just like any other set of lost keys, which can make them harder to track down. However, you can actually invest in decorative key blanks that contain everything from images of branded sports logos to your favorite cartoon princesses. Think about your favorite hobbies, and order key copies made from decorative keys so yours stand out. That way, if you ever lose your entire set of keys, you can verify over the phone which types of keys are on your key ring, which could help you to get them back faster. 

Add a GPS Tracker

If you are always losing your keys, consider upgrading your key ring with a GPS tracker. These small, inconspicuous devices can be used to track the exact coordinates of your keys, making it fast and easy to hunt down keys if they become misplaced again in the future. GPS trackers are easy to use and incredibly effective, and many have battery packs that can be changed out in the future to make the tracker last as long as possible. 

Use a Larger Keychain

Another fantastic way to keep track of your keys is by using a larger keychain that is hard to miss. From large leather tassels to fabric hair scrunchies, having something large connected to your keychain makes finding them a breeze. If you use a purse or a briefcase, large keychains help your keys to stand out when they are amongst other objects. 

If you need a brand new set of keys, make a list of what you need, and try to find originals or family members who have those same keys. By having them copied, you can create a new set that you can use to access your home and business. Additionally, if the security of your home has been compromised, remember that you can always turn to a locksmith to have your place completely rekeyed. Some companies, like A-A Lock & Alarm Inc, know how important this is.


27 August 2020

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