5 Security Benefits Of A Commercial Automatic Gate


If you are looking for a way to increase your security and make entering and exiting your property easier, then commercial automatic gates may be the perfect solution. Security is paramount to any business owner looking for a gate system, and a well-designed gate can provide additional security by reducing the risk of unauthorized entry. In addition, a commercial automatic gate also provides an aesthetically pleasing entrance for you and your customers or guests. These gates are available in many different styles and materials, which will give you a customized look tailored specifically to your needs! So how can this type of gate boost security?

1. Presenting a Formidable Barrier  

A business automatic gate can be designed to be a formidable barrier against intruders. The gate can be made of sturdy materials like steel. Therefore, it is important to install an automated gate to deter potential intruders on foot. In addition, the gate can be made with shatterproof materials to prevent ramming attacks.

2. Use of High-Security PIN Biometric Locks       

An automatic gate can be made to work with biometric or PIN locks that allow for high levels of security. Biometric locks are considered more secure than traditional locks and keypads because the gate will only unlock for registered users. 

The biometric lock can be programmed to register certain fingerprints for specific times during the day or night. You can set different permissions for different people, to prevent unauthorized access. 

3. No Delays at the Gate   

In addition to security, another benefit of having a commercial automatic gate is reducing delays at your gate. These gates will open automatically when you come within range of the gate. They will also close when you leave the area. It prevents tailgating attacks.

4. Easy Integration With Security Equipment      

A commercial automatic gate can be installed with security equipment such as cameras and alarms. This allows you to monitor any activity at the gate and ensure it is secure. Integration with alarms and CCTV also allows easier operation of the gate. 

5. Less Exposure With Remote Control   

Commercial automatic gates can also be operated with remote control. This means that you do not have to get out of your car to open the gate. It can shield you against lurkers waiting at the gate. The remote control can be set to only work in certain areas, which adds an extra layer of security.

An automatic gate can be very beneficial when upgrading the security of your business premises. Contact a security systems supplier to learn more about installing a commercial automatic gate.


16 March 2022

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