Unexpected Places To Install Security Cameras In Your Home


The security of your home is always a priority. Whether you're looking to protect your valuables or keep an eye on the kids, installing hidden surveillance cameras can be a great way to monitor activity inside and outside your property. 

While many people choose to install their security cameras in more obvious places like near doorways and other entryways, there are actually several unexpected places you can install hidden cameras to provide extra security. Here are just a few.

Inside a Fake Plant

Fake plants are a great way to add some green to a room without the hassle of real plants. Installing a hidden camera inside your fake plant can be a great way to monitor activity while blending in with the room's decor.

Look for a suitable fake plant. The size of the container matters—it should be big enough to hide your security camera inside without appearing suspiciously large. Also, make sure it looks realistic and has thick foliage to conceal the camera.

Next, you will need to drill or cut a hole in the bottom of the container for the camera lens to fit into. This hole should come out from inside the pot and not through any of the outer walls. You may also need to install extended wiring through this opening if your security system requires it.

Finally, you'll want to ensure the camera is not easily visible to anyone entering the room. You can craft additional branches and leaves using materials like foam or other pieces of foliage, which could help disguise your cameras further among their surroundings. Doing this extra bit of work will ensure that even if someone finds out about your secret cameras, they won't be able to find them easily without careful inspection.

Inside a Smoke Detector

Smoke detectors are essential safety devices but can also be used as a clever hiding place for your security cameras. 

Start by unscrewing the smoke detector from its mounting base and opening up the casing. If you plan to wire your camera directly to the device's power source, make sure its wiring is compatible with the smoke detector's wiring. Once the smoke detector is open, you may need to make additional modifications for it to fit your camera—such as drilling or cutting a hole for the lens. You should also make sure that your camera is positioned so that it doesn't block the smoke detector's alarms.

Finally, you'll want to make sure that the camera can be adjusted to capture a wide angle of the room. This will ensure you get a comprehensive view of any activity occurring in or near the area.

Contact a local security camera service, such as Coastal Burglar Alarm, to learn more. 


21 March 2023

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