Protect Your Apartment With These Security-Focused Steps


Given their limited points of entry, apartments may not seem to possess as high a risk of experiencing a break-in as a single-family home. However, if you've recently moved into an apartment, you want to do all that you can to reduce the risk of a burglar targeting where you live. Investing in a security system should be one of your top priorities. With this system activated and with sensors on your doors and windows, you'll instantly feel safer. You shouldn't stop focusing on safety upon having the system installed, though. Here are some other steps that you can take to protect your apartment and those inside it.

Identify Visitors Before Opening Your Door

While it's a good idea to always use the peephole in your main door to identify who might be knocking at your apartment, you shouldn't always swing open the door. Don't be afraid to verbally communicate with the person at the door. One trick that criminals can use is stating that they've been sent by the building's maintenance department, and may indicate that there's an emergency that requires their immediate attention. This is a tactic designed to compel you to open the door, but you have the right to confirm the person's identify. Before opening the door, call the rental office to confirm that someone has been indeed sent to visit you.

Use Drapes On Your Balcony Window

It's also important to limit the likelihood of someone breaking into your apartment through the balcony. This is especially important when you're on a lower floor, but don't discount a motivated thief's interest in hitting your apartment from the exterior regardless of where it's positioned. A simple step is to use drapes over the balcony window and keep them drawn whenever you aren't home. This will prevent criminals from looking into your apartment and identifying items of value.

Be Vigilant About Restricting Access To The Building

Taking a lackadaisical approach to allowing non-residents into the apartment building could increase the risk of your unit or someone else's unit being targeted. Many apartments have locked exterior doors, so make sure that the door locks each time you enter and don't hold it open for someone who doesn't have a key or swipe card. If you notice that a door is propped open, remove the obstacle that is preventing it from being shut and consider reporting such issues to the property manager.

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27 February 2017

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