Why Should You Use A Web-Based Access Control System?


An access control system is present in many types of buildings. Lots of organizations also use a web-based card access control system. If you're curious whether your buildings might need a web-based access control system, look at these four reasons why organizations choose to employ one. 

Universal Rules

By using internet infrastructure, you can assert universal rules for multiple locations. Especially if you're going to send people to various facilities, you don't want to have to create cards for every employee whenever they go to a new site. A card access control system can connect with servers on the web to verify authorization for a visitor anywhere in your organization. You also can quickly grant or revoke privileges, reducing HR and security problems associated with employment changes.

Increased Physical Safety

Placing a person physically in charge of access control creates a safety risk, especially if someone has to be present to provide access. Even if that person only sits in a server room at the building, a hostile party might try to get to that location. Decentralizing the process with a web-based card access control system ensures there won't be anyone physically at risk. Whenever an unauthorized person gets contentious, the door system can contain them until on-site security can respond.

Global Kill Switch

There are scenarios where companies may need to shut down access at once across all regions. If a firm finds out that someone with physical access to systems has compromised the devices, for example, you may need to lock everyone out until you identify the perpetrator. This can be especially valuable if you have no idea where a breach happened. A global kill switch can buy you time to investigate while keeping portions of one or more buildings locked down. You can then return access on a person-by-person basis as you eliminate possible culprits.


An access control system doesn't just provide security. It also can provide data about the flow of foot traffic. This can give you a better sense of which areas have people coming and going. You may need to increase access control in some of those areas or even implement in-person security.

The reporting system also allows rapid auditing. If you don't know who accessed certain resources, you can go into the web-based card access control system to generate a report. The report will tell you quickly who could or couldn't have accessed a portion of the building or even a specific system. You can then pull up recorded video feeds to further investigate.

Contact a local security company, such as Videotec Corporation, to learn more about these systems.


6 December 2022

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